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Forbes: How Unstoppable Young Achievers Make the Most of Their Time

Sidebench Team

Sidebench is a digital innovation firm that specializes in mobile and web apps. Projects range from building a photo booth platform for Red Bull to serving as the digital product innovation arm of a health care provider. Founder Kevin Yamazaki manages a full-time, all-millennial staff of 20 and juggles clients in Singapore, Australia, India, and the United States.

Biggest Time Management Challenge:
Finding multi-hour chunks of time to focus on solving complex problems and strategizing on how to achieve those big, hairy, audacious goals.

Advice on How To Make The Most of Your Time:
Getting into the office hours before anyone else. I now get into the office at 4AM on Mondays to get a head start on the biggest thing I want to accomplish for that week.

And don’t be afraid to embrace “informal” communication via Slack or impromptu meetings. A lot of the time, informal, direct communication can save a lot of the back and forth that can sometimes slow projects down.

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