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Sidebench Essentials: Designer Kathy Hoang

Kathy Hoang


Full Name: Kathy Hoang
Position: Designer
Time at Sidebench: 9 months
Hometown: Gardena, CA

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you found your way to Sidebench?
Iiiin West Coast LA, born and raised.
UC San Diego was where I spent most of my college days.
Drawin’ designin’, partyin’ at school
Just kidding I don’t party much, I wasn’t that cool.
But then I graduated and was like, “What do I do?”
I was an intern at Planet3 before but now I need something new.
So I found Sidebench on the internet and interned there.
But I’m full-time now! So I moved to K-town but someday I’ll be in Bel Air!

What is your most indispensable item and why?
If I could survive without a phone in high school I can probably survive without one now. But I at least need to have a notebook and a pen. Most of my ideas come from me jotting them down on paper and drawing whatever comes into my head. I tend to be very forgetful, so having a physical artifact that can contain these ideas is something that I as a designer need to have with me at all times.

Which item have you carried with you the longest and where did it come from?
I’ve had my Casio watch since my college days. I studied Human-Computer Interaction in college and became best friends with two of my classmates (We call ourselves the Bougie Hipster Lorem Ipsum). One of the friends one day bought this silver Casio watch at the library and we thought it was cool if we all bought the same exact watch and wear it whenever we saw each other. Since then, that tradition hasn’t changed, and wearing it reminds me of the good memories I had doing group projects with them. Oh, and it also tells time!