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Sidebench Essentials: UI Designer Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence

UI Designer

Full Name:  Paul Lawrence
Position: UI Designer
Years at Sidebench: 1
Hometown: Redondo Beach

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you found your way to Sidebench?
I am currently a third-year student at Northeastern University (Boston, not Chicago) studying interaction design and computer science. I have always been interested in tech and design and found out about Sidebench which sounded like a perfect fit through a friend who had previously worked here. I applied immediately and have been working here since last summer.

What is your most indispensable item and why?
As my phone has slowly absorbed the convenient functionality of my other essentials (ie. watch, camera) it has become my most indispensable item. That along with storing all the information that I have now deemed unnecessary to remember makes it indispensable and crippling if I don’t have it.

Which item have you carried with you the longest and where did it come from?
As an item, I would say sketchbooks have always been something that I have carried around since I was a kid. Drawings, ideas, notes; all of these are contained in the multitude of notebooks that are stored in various dusted spots in my room and attic.