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Inc: Why UX Can Provide a Fresh Feel to Stale Industries

Kevin Yamazaki

CEO & Partner

My team has designed apps for brands such as Red Bull, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Sony Home Entertainment. We believe we’ve been awarded these opportunities primarily because of our commitment to crafting top-notch user experiences. The best piece of app design advice I’ve ever received is that ease of use should be developers’ and designers’ top priority. You haven’t succeeded if users have to tap or click around aimlessly to find what they’re looking for — or worse, are stumped on how to reach their desired content.

Especially in industries typically thought of as “boring” — insurance, finance and personal banking, for instance — user-centered app development has the potential to deliver better customer experiences and get you ahead of the competition. Take TurboTax®, for example: Taxes can be tedious to file, but with a great user experience, TurboTax makes them a breeze for millions of people.

Our company uses products like Gusto for payroll and Guideline for 401(k) plans that turn normally stale, boring company functions into intuitive, manageable experiences that are more interesting as a result. Their monthly reports are beautifully designed and easy to read, and because they’re user-centric, it’s easier to get the most out of them.

The mission of these companies is to make a boring experience better through usability and aesthetics. They’ve succeeded and are making money as a result. For companies aiming for similar outcomes, consider the following:

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